Why This Site

Psychiatric medications can be remarkably safe and effective treatments for many mental health conditions. However, individual responses to these types of medications can vary tremendously. Commonly, one medication may cause many side effects for one person but have none for someone else. Also, people can do well on a medication for a while then no longer do well for reasons that are not always clear. Sometimes using these medications in certain combinations with others or retrying a medication that stopped working a later time can be helpful. Often medicines may have been doses too high or low or not used for long enough periods of time to be maximally beneficial. Certain medications may have been used at a difficult time in one’s life where maybe no medicine could have been helpful. Or perhaps the medicine wasn’t taken regularly enough.

Given all these factors, having a good summary of past medication trials can facilitate the most appropriate decision for your doctor to help you find the right treatment for you now. We hope this site provides you and your doctor assistance in this process.