Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information confidential?
Yes. No information about yourself is required to use this website service. No information about you, your medical history, or medication history is kept in our database once you complete your medication history and print or send the results. If you register, your medication history will be saved. However, no personal information that can identify you is required-only general information such as age, gender, state of residence, etc is asked. This information may be compiled, with your permission, for medical research purposes to help health care professionals understand patterns of medication prescribing and response to therapy. There is no way we can identify you with your medication history. If you have received a password from a healthcare provider, health care insurer, or research company, they will be the only ones who link your information to you.
Who has access to my information?
No information is saved to access if you are not registered or use a password. If you register, only you can bring up your record. If you receive a password from a healthcare provider, health care insurer, or research company they may access the information you input.
Why is this service free?
This service is provided to the community at no charge to increase public awareness of this program and to assist healthcare providers and patients to receive the most appropriate care for their condition. Revenue for maintenance of the site comes through advertisements, sponsorship from corporations, and medical research companies who pay to have access to a proven, updated, easy-to-use program that records past medication histories of individuals treated for a variety of health care conditions.
Why are all medications not included?
Often medications may only be available in certain countries or may be known by different names. You may have had a medication that is no longer on the market or no longer available by that name. Also many medications are used  “off label” which means they are not FDA approved for your condition but may be a treatment your health care provider believes can be effective. We try to include as many as we can. With your assistance we are always adding more to our list.
What if some of my medications are not there or some of the choices do not apply to me?
There are options to enter information in text form which allows us to add to our database. You may also leave options blank at anytime. We would also appreciate feedback if there is information we do not have that should be collected or certain medications are not included.
How can I easily obtain my healthcare providers' email or FAX to send him/her the information?
If your healthcare provider is registered, you can look up their preferred method of sending information as well as their FAX or email on our Provider Link page. If your healthcare provider is not registered, you can encourage them to register for free as a service to their patients. Otherwise, you need to contact their office and request the information yourself.
Do you have programs for other health conditions in which past medication histories are very important for the health care provider to be aware of?
Yes. We are about to bring a Headache, Pain Management, Diabetes, and Hypertension/Cholesterol Series live. There are other conditions in development as well.
I am a healthcare provider and want to register my office so patients can easily send their information to me. Does it cost anything, and how do I do it?
There is no charge for registration, and you can easily register, so patients can send their information to the appropriate email or FAX. Or if you prefer they do neither, you can lock your FAX or email and request they send you the information in printed form.
How can I link to or advertise on your site?
We are always looking to establish links with healthcare related web sites that are reliable and reputable to increase our visibility and usership. We restrict the types of advertisements we allow but will be more than happy to discuss our advertisement policies by phone or email. Please contact us to let us know you are interested.